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DBRECOVER For MYSQL Database(InnoDB) is professional utility to recover data from damaged or corrupt InnoDB tables , made by DBRECOVER SOFTWARE INC.


  • written in java , cross platform Linux and Windows.
  • supports database engine: innodb
  • GUI
  • recover database as MYSQLDUMP result
  • support MYSQL VERSION 5.1 ~ 8.0
  • supports recover data from crashed mysql instance ( even innodb_force_recovery doesn’t work)
  • supports recover data from drop table (no matter innodb_file_per_table)
  • supports recover data from drop database (no matter innodb_file_per_table)
  • supports recover data from A table was dropped and created empty one
  • supports recover data from InnoDB table space corruption
  • supports recover data from delete SQL , records were deleted from a table
  • supports recover data from filesystem or storage failure
  • supports recover data from InnoDB files were accidentally deleted
  • supports recover data from malware or ransomware
  • supports recover data from single .ibd
  • supports recover create table statement from single .frm
  • supports recover text and lob

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