Discover the New Features of DBRECOVER For Oracle 23RC1

Managing and recovering data in Oracle databases is now more straightforward with the introduction of DBRecover for Oracle 23RC1. This new version brings forth user-friendly features aimed at simplifying data verification and recovery tasks. Here are the key updates:

Expanded Data Viewing in GUI:

The graphical user interface (GUI) now allows for viewing up to 1 million rows of data on a single table. This enhancement is particularly useful for verifying large tables directly within the GUI, making data verification a more manageable task.

Table Statistics Display:

DBRecover now displays table statistics in the GUI, collected periodically by Oracle. The displayed ROW COUNT information can assist users in evaluating the recovery status, making it easier to understand the data being handled.

Simplified Data Recovery from Header Corruption:

In the event of file header corruption caused by viruses or encryption issues, DBRecover for Oracle 23RC1 simplifies the data recovery process. Users no longer need to fiddle with additional settings to recover data from corrupted file headers, which saves time and reduces the complexity of data recovery tasks.


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